Take Charge of your
Processing Fees.

High-Rate rewards cards have driven the cost of processing credit cards to astronomical levels.
Finance Pro Plus has developed this program to allow merchants to Take Charge of their fees.


As consumers cash in on ever-increasing Rewards Points, the profits of merchants continue to sink. We think it’s time for practical solutions for cost-conscious businesses. That’s why we’re helping businesses across America Take Charge of their payment processing fees by virtually eliminating them completely!

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Take Charge Program

Businesses are TAKING CHARGE of their processing fees across America!

Credit Card Processing

We dedicate ourselves to offering transparent, seamless, and efficient processing solutions. Partner with one of the most trusted credit card providers in America. 

Online Payments

Looking to process online with a virtual terminal, e-commerce, or custom integrated solutions? We offer top-notch support and training along with specialized pricing to save you money and hassle. 

Gift & Loyalty Programs

Build awareness of your business, encourage return visits, and decrease losses with branded gift & loyalty cards.

Capital Funding

Get the funding you need without the process and fees of a bank loan.

High-Risk Processing

We know what it takes to get your high-risk business approved. Benefit from faster funding times and fewer restrictions than most processors can offer.

What Are The Advantages of
The Take Charge Program?

Merchants Are Moving To Cash Pricing Models

Government and gas stations take advantage of this, why shouldn’t you? This pricing model is giving merchants an option to virtually eliminate payment processing fees.

No More Annual Rate Increases & Hidden Fees

Cards rates will continue to increase as time goes on meaning ever-increasing fees for you to accept credit cards. With the Take Charge Program, your fees will always be covered despite increasing rates.

TAKE CHARGE Allows You To Be More Competitive

Take Charge pricing allows you to keep your cost of goods low, while your competition has to increase due to increasing processing fees.

Take Charge of Your Processing Fees

High-rate rewards cards are costing merchants a fortune.
Start Taking Charge by virtually eliminating those fees and rewarding your cash paying customers.