Integrating, transforming & simplifying
the entire Estate Planning Process.

Maintain TOTAL virtual-access CONTROL with assistance
from your trusted advisor and attorney of record.
Digitized • Feature Rich • Dynamic

Introducing The eStatePlan™ Platform

  • Convenient Access Anywhere

Establish your eStatePlan from the ease and comfort of your own home. View and update (24/7) your eStatePlan document set through your secure Client Console portal.

  • Formulate/Update Personal Medical Directives Anytime

Create and keep current your personal Medical Directives (AMD) ONLINE (24/7). Your attending physician (medical provider) will have ONLINE (24/7) pass-code access to your AMD by way of a Medical Card in your wallet.

The eState Plan™

Estate planning can be a daunting process, which is why so many well-meaning folks neglect to do what they know needs to be done. We believe the solution is to make available the core planning tools within easy reach and to empower the end-user client – with direct virtual assistance – to achieve the desired end result. That is best accomplished with the client being in complete control while utilizing ONLINE & ON DEMAND assistance throughout the process and always connected thereafter with the same easy-to-access support team. That service model describes The eStatePlan™ system.
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If you would like to learn more about this revolutionary system, there's no better way than to TRY IT OUT for yourself. Experience powerful, easy-to-use dynamics and see how your personalized documents are presented in your Client Console, which you can modify in seconds as often as you wish! To create a demo session, simply activate the "Try Before You Buy" radio button (located under Contract & Purchase Agreement) before submitting the Data Entry page for processing.
Our team

Meet our team

Joshua Felts
Founder & CEO
Joshua Felts is a leading Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Financial Educator, Motivational Speaker, and World Traveler! Josh has spent the last 10 years in the Banking Industry and owns 4 financial and technology companies. He is a Former National Sales Director for a credit card processing company that Processes over a Billion dollars annually for our clients today. 

Josh is a Father and soon to be Husband. Family is one of the most important things to him growing up with a large and loving family. He desires for all families to learn the right knowledge about money to be able to create the resources they need to live an abundant life without lack.  

He is also heavily involved with nonprofit organizations and ministries around the world. He has spent his entire life dedicated to seeing the lives of people improved and blaze a path of freedom for future and current generations.
Scott Garcia
Senior Consultant
Jennifer Surmacz
General Consultant
Jennifer Surmacz is passionate about helping clients understand the legal intricacies of estate planning.  She translates complex legal concepts into easy-to-understand options for each client based on their unique circumstances.

Jennifer was born into a military family and lived in several states before settling in Oklahoma.  She graduated from Mustang High School as Valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar.

Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Oklahoma.  She earned her Juris Doctor at Oklahoma City University School of Law.Jennifer is licensed to practice law in Missouri, Oklahoma, the Federal District of Maryland, and Nevada* (*license pending). 

She has experience in Estate Planning, Probate, Contracts, Family law, Federal Civil litigation, and ERISA Federal Class Action litigation.  Jennifer also served as a Special Public Defender for Juveniles in Canadian County, Oklahoma and St. Louis and St. Charles counties in Missouri.

Jennifer served terms as 10th Circuit Lieutenant Governor of the American Bar Association LSD, and Vice President of Women’s Law Student Association.
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The eStatePlan™
w/ Dynamic Trust Portfolio

Revocable Living Trust
Certificate of Trust
Master Signatory Guarantor
Console NotePad
Custom Trust Directives
Console E-Vault Center
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Financial Power of Attorney
Console PostScript Page
LW&T / Pour-Over Will
Share Console Portal
eStatePlan Funding Kit
Advisor / Attorney Support Access
Residence Deed Template
Trustee / Executor Access Portal
Admin Document Set
Family Consoles Cross Access
Ancillary Orders Table
Estate Settlement Package
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Advance Medical Directive
Electronic Signature Dynamics
"I have worked with Gary for several years, and can say that my experience with him and his team have been exceptional! From the quality of the work to the professionalism of the staff and web-based interface the work is second to none. My clients rely on me to provide superior service and I rely on Gary. Thank you Gary, keep up the fantastic work!"
Attorney Douglass Lodmell, JD, LLM
Lodmell & Lodmell, PC (Arizona)
"I believe that your online (MLCP) service could be of significant value to a patient in a real-life emergency situation. Time seems to fly in an emergency room where the staff can often spend valuable time trying to locate the patient's family and/or to verify applicable documentation such as a Medical Health Care Power. During that time, the patient's condition may deteriorate significantly, which can turn a sub-acute situation into an acute emergency. My LifeCard Plan is providing a valuable service in the best interests of these patients by offering physicians secured-access availability of online Health Care Directives at the touch of a computer key."
— Dr. David E. Stern, CEO
Practice Velocity
"I have served as an attorney in the Integrated Trust Systems network for over ten years and found ITS services to be a valuable adjunct to my successful independent estate planning practice. The professionalism demonstrated by Gary Loftsgard and his team are second to none, and the documents produced by the ITS system are extremely comprehensive and of very high quality. The website is very user-friendly, and makes it easy to track the status of my ITS clients and access their documents. It has truly been a pleasure to work with the advisors in the network"
— Attorney John Crawford
Florida Bar Board Certified-Taxation; Florida & Georgia

Free Templates

The buttons below will download a Microsoft Word document template


Durable/Immediate Financial POA


Marital Couple Realty Deed (Generic)


Single Person Realty Deed (Generic)

Membership Benefits Overview

With a current My LifeCard Plan® (MLCP) Membership, you will have unlimited access to personal services and powerful software dynamics otherwise unavailable to non-members. A 90-day Provisional Membership is included with your initial The eStatePlan™ purchase. 

An annual auto-pay Membership Subscription is required thereafter to maintain unhindered access to all your Client Console modules/dynamics and to qualify for direct and unlimited Client Management Services (CMS) support services from our trained staff. The following is a condensed overview of the MLCP Membership Subscription benefits:
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Here is what we can offer you


Establishing your eStatePlan / Dynamic Trust Portfolio according to your current goals and objectives is obviously the first step. But unforeseen circumstances, unsettled family situations, or changes in federal and/or state law may necessitate revisions in your eStatePlan. Your Membership will enable you to address each of those conditions including the ability to add/remove beneficiary names, and their designated allocations, and/or to change trustee (and agent) appointees.

Data Entry Page

It will be easy to modify and upgrade your eStatePlan by accessing your Client Console's Data Entry page and simply keying in the appropriate entries reflecting the changes that you want or need to make. Modifications made to your eStatePlan Data Entry page are processed directly into your Dynamic Trust Portfolio document set by a simple click of a button! And prompt assistance by our CMS staff will always be available to help you with any changes as you so request.

eStatePlan Funding Kit

Combined with our proprietary electronic-signature (ESIGN) modules, your Asset Funding ledgers can be modified whenever needed. Using the eStatePlan Funding Kit, you can assign your personal realty properties to your trust without having to record deeds. In fact, you will be able to ASSIGN ANY ASSET (or make payable) to your trust, including bank & brokerage accounts, without the time-consuming inconveniences and formalities of having to retitle those assets to yourself as trustee.

NotePad Messaging Center

You will have direct and immediate access to each party associated with the coordination of your eStatePlan processing protocol (including our CMS support offices, your trusted advisor, and your attorney-of-record) through the convenience of your Client Console NotePad Message Center. All NotePad Center messages, regardless of which party they are sent from, will be electronically archived in your Client Console file for secure record keeping and permanent storage.

Advanced Medical Directives

Your Advanced Medical Directives (AMD) document will always be viewable online (24/7) via the "Attending Physician Login/Access" portal by way of your Client ID Number imprinted on your (MLCP) Medical Card. The AMD module allows you to conveniently modify your own health-care directives – at any time and for whatever reasons – and to name and/or change your appointed health care agent(s) for making health-care decisions on your behalf if that ever becomes necessary.

Personal PostScript Page

Your Client Console's PostScript Page will enable you to record sensitive information not otherwise referenced in your eStatePlan. Your PostScript Page can be used to journal (a) contact information of your plan administrators, (b) messages to your family members, (c) financial records and account locators, (d) digital account and social media passwords, (e) creditor contact information, and (f) any other general information that you would want to be known by your loved ones.
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Personal E-Vault Center

Your Client Console E-Vault Center enables you to upload and permanently store essentially any type of digital document, including photos, on the eStatePlan server. The E-Vault Center also allows you to host online accessibility to all your electronically stored documents to any person of your choice (such as your family attorney, accountant, mortgage broker etc.) accordingly as you have designated through your Client Console’s Share Console functionality.

Share-Console Dynamics

You will be able to grant selected and limited access to your Client Console – without having to disclose your personal password – to certain professionals (such as your attorney, accountant, and health care provider) whom you may want to review or edit certain sections of your Client Console including your (i) NotePad Message Center, (ii) Dynamic Trust Portfolio document set, (iii) Data Entry page, (iv) eStatePlan Funding Kit, (v) PostScript Page and (vi) Advanced Medical Directives.